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About AKD Services

We are a small bespoke consultancy company specialising in fraud and security risk management.  We have staff and associates that cover all the disciplines within the fraud and security arena.

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AKD Services has experience of:


    Advising major projects such as Crossrail.


    Counter fraud work in the transport and construction industries.


    Advising overseas companies on counter fraud risk management.


    Working with public sector bodies and institutes.  


    AKD Services currently provide counter fraud activity for CIPFA


    Assisting governments on the development of counter fraud policies

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Our staff

Alan Day, Director of AKD Services is a leading fraud professional with over 30 years experience of fraud, security and intelligence at the operational, management and senior management level.  He previously worked at Transport for London (TfL) where he was responsible to the Board, Chief Officers and senior management for fraud strategies, policies and procedures and developing sophisticated counter fraud risk management processes as well as providing awareness, prevention and investigation capabilities.   Whilst at TfL Alan introduced a counter fraud strategy for the Crossrail project.


Alan is the Chair of the Network of UK Fraud Forums as well as the London Fraud Forum and a member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the University of Portsmouth.  He is a Fellow of the Security Institute and is the lead on Counter Fraud for the Institute’s Knowledge Centre. Alan has presented on fraud risk management to a number of national and international conferences and seminars